8L High Gas Unit

12L High Gas Unit

16L High Gas Unit

8L Low Pressure Gas

Instant Gas Hot Water Heater


12L Low Pressure Gas

Instant Gas Hot Water Heater


16L Low Pressure Gas

Instant Gas Hot Water Heater




Installation Requirements

The installation of this appliance must be carried out by a certified gas practitioner. A 2.8 kpa Regulator must be used.


· High efficient energy saving: the heater exchanger and main burner adopt mostly advanced energy-saving and combustion technology to decrease gas
  consumption and burning noise.

· Low water-pressure startup: the water control linkage valve makes the heater start up under low water pressure and stable water flowing under high
  pressure to meet the requirements of those in water shortage areas.

· Manifold auto protection: for the sake of your safety.

· Automatically shut down gas power under unexpected flame-out.

· Over water pressure protection function: to automatically decrease pressure under excessive high water pressure.

· Anti-freezing protection function: the anti-freezing apparatus can discharge the stock water to avoid damaging machine itself by freezing under cold areas
  or in case of long-time no use.

· Controller design: both cold water and warm water can be properly controlled.

Maintenance to be performed by a qualified person:

· Check every 6 to 12 months for:

· Leaks on the gas connections.

· Check that the pigtail connections are safe and sound.

· Check that the cone seals are sound.

· That the water inlet sieve is free from dirt and clogging

· Check the flame quality and that no soot forms.

· Check for carbon accumulation on heat exchanger and clean carefully.

· Check for leak test by using a u-tube or electronic unit.

· Grease the core of water section to the gas section, and check for leaks on the shaft. If leaks are detected, replace tiny “o” ring.

· Check for carbon accumulation and oxidation on igniter. Clean with 3m scouring pad.

Safety Regulations

· The Gas water heater shall be installed outside/inside bathroom with smooth ventilation and a ventilating circumstance shall be maintained when using.

· Gas water heater shall be installed strictly under the manual instructions, personal dismantling or re-construction is prohibited

· Flues shall be installed to release exhaust gas.

· To regularly examine whether it has air leakage with soap water. If any leakage, you shall not open the heater or ignite fire, but shut down the gas valve first    and then open the window to discharge the exhaust.

· Incentive & explosive objects, textiles and chemical poisonous materials shall be kept far away from the Gas water heater and paper, plastic cloth and              weaving cloth shall not be used to cover the heater.